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Contemporary Painting of Guru Hargobind

Gurbilas Patshahi Chhevi [1719], written from the sermons of Bhai Mani Singh documents how Bidhi Chand commissioned a painting of Guru Hargobind. The paintings above match very close to the description provided in the text, the first is held by Bidhi Chand's lineage in Sursingh the second by the Sodhis in Kartarpur.

ਜੀਨ ਪੁਸ਼ਾਕ ਸਵੇਤ ਧਰੀ ਪੁਨ ਰਾਜਤ ਅਸ੍ਵ ਸਵੇਤ ਸਵਾਰਾ ।

Mounted on the saddle in white clothing, riding on the illuminating white horse.

ਸਵੇਤ ਹੀ ਬਾਜ ਲੀਓ ਕਰ ਪੰਕਜ ਮਾਨਹੁ ਹੰਸ ਦਿਖੈ ਸ੍ਰਮ ਧਾਰਾ ।

With such a white hawk on his lotus like hand that swans would feel ashamed [for not being as white].

ਉਜਲਤਾ ਸਬ ਲੋਕਨ ਕੀ ਸਮ ਪਾਵਤ ਨਹਿ ਸਸੀ ਪਯਹਾਰਾ ।

The whiteness of the moon, milk, and any illumination in the world cannot compare to Guru Hargobind.

ਤਾਂਤੇ ਨਮੋ ਗੁਰੁ ਪਦ ਰੇਨਹਿ ਚੜੇ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਹੇਤ ਸ਼ਿਕਾਰਾ ।

This is why the poet bows to the dust of the feet of the Guru, who has mounted up for hunting.


While riding out Bidhi Chand meets two painters and requests to them:

ਏਹੁ ਸਰੂਪ ਜੁ ਨੈਨ ਨਿਹਾਰਾ । ਧਰੇ ਅਯੁਧ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਭਏ ਸਵਾਰਾ ।

"This form of Guru Hargobind which you see now, mounted up on horseback, adorned with weapons

ਨਖ ਸਿਖ ਸੁੰਦਰ ਰੂਪ ਸੁਧਾਰਾ । ਸੋ ਹਮ ਲਿਖ ਦੀਜੈ ਉਪਕਾਰਾ ।

From the tip of his toe to the top of his head paint this beautiful form for me, please do this favour for me."


When the painting was complete Bidhi Chand showed it to Guru Hargobind who then said:

ਨਿਜ ਦਰਸ਼ਨ ਮੂਰਤ ਨਿਜ ਚੀਨੀ । ਬਖਸ ਬਿਧੀ ਸਸਿ ਕਉ ਗੁਰ ਦੀਨੀ ।

"My Darshan [Divine Sight] can be seen through this painting", and the Guru then blessed Bidhi Chand with the painting, giving it to him.

ਦਯਾ ਸਿੰਧ ਸੁਖ ਪਾਇ ਬਹੁ ਬਿਧੀ ਚੰਦ ਮਨ ਐਸ ।

The Ocean of Compassion Guru Hargobind made Bidhi Chand so happy in his mind.

ਲੈ ਮੂਰਤ ਕੋ ਰੰਕ ਜਿਮ ਪਾਇ ਖਜਾਨੋ ਜੈਸ ।

In taking the painting Bidhi Chand was so overjoyed, like a poor man coming across a treasure trove of riches.


ਭਗਤ ਸਿੰਘ ਜਾਨਉ ਨਿਰਧਾਰ । ਬਿਧੀ ਚੰਦ ਕੀ ਅੰਸ ਉਦਾਰ ।

ਮੂਰਤ ਅਬ ਤਕ ਤਹਿ ਢਿਗ ਅਹੈ । ਕਰ ਦਰਸ਼ਨ ਮਨ ਬਾਛਤ ਲਹੈ ।

Bhagat Singh says understand this with full faith, that the lineage of Bidhi Chand even to this day still possesses this painting, you may receive its Darshan to your heart's desire.

Chapter 20, Gurbilas Patshahi Chhevi [1719], author: Bhagat Singh

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