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The Kara - Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Jatha Bhindran

Sant Gurbachan Singh, in his Gurbani Paat Darpan, writing about the Kara states:

"The demon Bhasmarad, after performing great devotion to Shiv Ji, asked him for Kara"

This is in reference to a portion within the Shiv Puran, wherein Bhasmarad completes 12 years of devotion to Shiv, and then asks for a boon that he may destroy his enemies. Shiv Ji blesses the demon with a Kara, which when "placed" (or struck) on someone's head they would turn to ash. As such this kara was called "bhasmakhanda", 'the [bracelet] that destroys one into ashes'. In a similar manner, for Nihung Singhs the kara is a formidable weapon, and is employed within Shastar Vidiya as Loh Mushti [iron fist fighting].

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